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Data to help you give better advice and retain your clients

Call it AI, call it machine learning.  The bottom-line for us is that there is a wealth of data available about your clients and we believe it should be harnessed to work in service of the them. To not only help you ‘watch their back’ but to also enable you to know material changes when they happen.

Keeping you one step ahead, and providing your clients with more accurate, proactive solutions that make you a trusted partner.


Our mission



Our motivation

To help brokers and advisers help small businesses to thrive.

We want to help every business get tailored, accurate insurance and financial services so they can be healthy, resilient and prosper. And we do this by revolutionising how brokers and business advisers access data and provide advice.

The availability of data and the potential of ‘A.I’ means that opportunities previously only available to large companies can now be accessed by all brokers, advisers and SMEs. We will make the unknown visible and help businesses and their partners collaborate to unlock mutual value and prosper.  


For too long, small to medium sized businesses have had to settle for one size fits all products and time consuming application processes.  In the age of data and ‘AI', it’s not right that over 70% of businesses in the UK are potentially under-insured and employees face a growing ‘protection gap’ leading to stress and worry.

As managing a business gets more complex and fast-paced, businesses who don’t tap into the potential of data and ‘AI’ risk getting left behind.  We want to usher in the next generation of intelligent, data-driven support for business.  We believe this will help businesses get stronger and enable tailored products to be provided that match a business’ need and adapt as they change. 

It’s time to make technology work for every business so they can focus on what they want to be doing.

Our principles

 Your client’s data

We provide accurate and honest information about your clients. You help make it work for them. 

Your security

Brisk is hosted on secure AWS cloud infrastructure. We use the latest encryption and security technology to keep data secure. 

Your opportunity

Our technology enables collaboration with trusted partners to surface new insight.  Your client still makes the decisions.


Revolutionising risk management and insurance

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Meet the team


James Russell

Co-founder and CEO

I'm a strong believer in the power of collaboration.  Having spent 17 years in Insurance and prior to that in supply chain consulting and manufacturing, I see the potential of businesses and their partners working smarter to become stronger and more resilient.


Greg Duffield

Co-founder and CTO

I am passionate about making technology work for you to help save you time and money. With Brisk I can show you how your data and our AI can make a big difference to your business.


Vickie Allen

Software DevelopHER

I enjoy working with a small team to solve big problems, and I’m passionate about creating software that works well for everyone. I love building new features for our customers and constantly taking on their feedback to improve their everyday experience of Brisk.


Jamie Saunders

Business Development

I am a technology and food obsessed person and really enjoy collaborating to create seamless user experiences whilst providing access to value-adding features.


Cassie Bishop

Product Support

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and good at solving issues and enhancing processes. I have a real desire to ensure systems work correctly and in a manner which is both straightforward and intuitive to the user.


Philip Harper


Don’t make me think! We shouldn’t have to adapt our ways for technology to work. It’s should be the other way round. That’s why I help bridge the differences between user and technology—with simple and elegant solutions to user centric problems.


Our Investors and Advisers


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