100 not out!

I know, it’s a tenuous link to the Cricket World Cup but any excuse to recognise my Grandfather in law, Les Reid (CBE) marking his 100’th birthday last Friday.  

There’s a lot of talk about creating legacy, but when you talk to Les, you realise as you look into his eyes that if you live that long, there are generations of memories, and experiences you carry with you. He served in WW2 battle of the Scheldt and the Korean War, was British Ambassador for Ghana and Canada and America and supported mining commerce around the world.  So when I talk about clever tech and ‘AI’ I can understand when he looks a bit weary!  “I’ve only just got to grips with YouTube and cloud computing!” He exclaims. 

As Collabrotech (the registered company for Brisk) nears its first birthday, I can’t help but wonder what memories we will make over the coming years and more importantly the influence we will have on the welfare and success of small-medium sized businesses and the brokers and advisers that support them.

JamesJames Russell