Taking the leap


After 17 years at Aviva, I’m making the leap to start up a new business www.getbrisk.com  I’ve had a great time at Aviva, but I think the desire to bring some of the tools that ‘big business’ use to the small-medium sized business owner has been brewing for a while.  From a hackathon in November 2017 where we built a prototype that helped one of Aviva’s clients surface risks and opportunities they were unaware of, we’ve now incubated a product that is now in beta-testing with a small group of businesses, insurance brokers and financial advisers.  

As running and protecting a business in the digital age becomes more fast-paced and complex, our purpose is to help businesses get stronger and save them time.  It’s not acceptable that busy business owners have to wade through the complexity found in traditional insurance products and processes.  We’re working with like-minded partners to change that (and won’t be limiting ourselves to just Insurance). 

Follow my posts to find out how we get on shaping our new proposition and launching a new business... 

JamesJames Russell