A fresh approach or 'faster horses' ?

I’ve been grappling with a conundrum for the last few weeks about what we are building in Brisk and how we evolve it.  The start-up gurus push for early validation and product-market fit.  And that is a well-proven formula for success.  So last week, we dutifully experimented with some paid ads to promote our Company Checker feature.  Our members say it’s great: Company, Financial, Cyber and Reputation all in one check.  But that’s not what Brisk is about.  Yes we want to help brokers be better brokers and help advisers give better advice, but we also want to revolutionise the way products like insurance and loans have traditionally been delivered.  So, switch to the more visionary words of Steve Jobs and - if you believe he said it - Henry Ford.  “Don’t be trapped living with the results of other people’s thinking” (Jobs). “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” (Ford).   And I’m back to wanting to create that audacious proposition that made me quit my job to go build it.  

So I’m looking to my Linked-in friends for help.  I can be forgiven for shooting for a high ideal, but my wife will leave me if I do it blindly without seeking feedback and reaction along the way: 

  1. I want to see a world where well-run businesses can access smarter insurance and financial services products that reward lower risk

  2. I want to help demonstrate that controlled data sharing is not something to fear but a better way to do business in a digital age

And I know I’m not alone.  As one of our first members said, "I’ll be open with my data if they (the recipient) use it to better serve me.  It’s quite simple:  If they abuse it, they lose my business”.  

What do you think?