‘AI' tamed: Intelligent Anticipation?

There is little doubt in my mind that AI will (and is already) transforming the ways we will work and live. However, to the vast majority, AI is still a long way from their day-to-day and probably in their eyes, over hyped.

I was on a panel at a Talking tech event this week on the subject of AI and myth busting. The questions from the audience told me that most non-techie people still want to understand what AI really is and where it isn’t just a set of coded rules. There was also some natural nervousness about where it could lead. I gave some pretty candid responses, and mentioned a conversation I had with Cassie in our team about a personal finance app called ‘Plum’. To her, Plum didn’t take much maintenance and it was helping her save. Whether there is AI behind Plum or not - we didn’t really care. Plum was doing a useful job in an intelligent way. So while I think debates will continue to rage about AI, I’m starting to talk about ‘Intelligent Anticipation’. If technology can help us in a proactive way that we hardly notice, then isn’t that progress?

James Russell