Back to work with a wake-up call...

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer (unless you are still clinging on to it). I don’t know if the timings of various surveys is timed to jolt us back to the harsh realities of life, but I’ll re-share a couple of stats regarding Cyber crime and small businesses that should give pause for thought:

In 2018, 63% of small businesses (between 1 and 49 employees) reported falling victim to cyber crime, according to the Beamings Annual survey published by the FSB. Ransomeware has the highest average cost to a small business (£158k) but the most common form of attack (phishing) can still cost on average £23k per incident. I’ve recently been trialling Cybsafe, and an article last week quoted their CEO Oz Alashe referring to phishing; “…despite the severity of this threat, UK businesses are taking very little action at the moment. Of those that are doing something, many are simply paying lip-service to security training for compliance reasons, and aren’t demonstrably reducing their human cyber risk.”

As one of the Brisk users said to me this week when I apologised in advance if I was ‘scare-mongering’ for alerting them to some security weaknesses in their web-domain, “Thanks James, fear-mongering is welcome!"

James Russell