Dancing guy

BIBA this week (broker conference).  Day 1 saw me participating in one of the hackathon teams with some amazing people from @Marmalade Insurance, @CFC Insurance, @aria insurance and @Elliott Biggs trying to solve the problem of brokers suffering from information overload.  Day 2, I managed to get to meet some of the early-adopter brokers using Brisk and sound out which Insurers want to get in on the act.  My favourite moment of the day was a comment from one of our broker partners:  “I feel like that dancing guy at the music festival” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA8z7f7a2Pk&feature=youtu.be.  “It’s like we’re the only ones dancing the new dance and others are looking on with a mixture of intrigue and disbelief” he mused.  (The video did the rounds a few years ago but it’s a fair reflection of how it feels sometimes to be a start-up doing the rounds at an event like BIBA).  My fellow dancer went on though with firm conviction; “...but I know it’s where we need to get to and if we keep doing it, others will join.”  

The start-up Gods were evidently smiling on me yesterday.  While talking to the Sales Director of an Insurer, the MD of another broker we are working with rang me.  I excused myself to take the call and say I’d call him back.  “Was that xxx you were talking to?” asked the Sales Director.  “It was" I replied.  “Well if he’s involved, then you’ve got my attention…”

We’ll have our dance party soon...

JamesJames Russell