Dancing Guy’s got company

I attended The Insurance Network’s TINTECH event this week and had the surreal experience of being referred to as a ’talented teenager’! OK, the comment clearly wasn’t directed at me (on both counts), it was directed at the start-up Insurtech community. The message to the traditional incumbents was to embrace the new thinking and not push it away.

The previous day we had brought our first early-adopter insurance brokers together to talk about Brisk following the suggestion from Dancing Guy. There were new ideas and support from all of them. As I did my stint on the Innovation Stage at the conference, I felt emboldened:

“Why shouldn’t well run businesses who can demonstrate they are better ‘risks’ get rewarded?”

“We’re going beyond just an insurance policy to a holistic way of protecting a business and its employees: Monitoring, anticipating and protecting.”

And it wasn’t just me: Other speakers and panelists were saying similar things.

Change is coming. It’s now a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ for the traditional world of commercial insurance.

I know we need to work on the messaging for ‘Brisk’ but I really feel we have the right sentiment and intention now. And last night - even more encouragement from a Pub owner. He left a career in Financial Services because he became disillusioned with it. He believes in what we are trying to do and wants to be part of a trial. The party will be swinging soon (but for any Underwriters reading this, not in the aforementioned pub I hasten to add!)

JamesJames Russell