De-coding what motivates us

Amidst a week of company governance and compliance activity, I had a great session with Cassandra Andrews who introduced me to Motivational Maps. I’ve experienced many ‘profiling’ tools and many provide useful insight. But it was the first time I’d had my ‘motivators’ mapped. Unsurprisingly for me the act of starting up Brisk put ’Searcher’ at the top of my list (’Seeks meaning, making a difference, providing worthwhile things'). I think the real power though comes when teams look at the mix of motivators across each person, and the level of fulfilment individuals feel for each of their motivators. Understanding what makes individuals and teams ’tick’ has always seemed like a dark-art, but I think this tool could be really powerful. Like all ’team dynamic’ tools though, the key is in the conversations and colleague to colleague awareness and understanding that goes with it. I’m reminded of a mantra Aviva once used: "Get me, Get the plot, Get it done”. As someone in a big corporate at the time, it seemed simple and understandable. I now see that when working in a small business where there is simply no room for wasted time, it’s a must.

As we consider ‘where next’ for Brisk to support SMEs to be healthy and resilient, this certainly gives me food for thought…

JamesJames Russell