How do you price something that is new?

It’s getting to that point: More people are signing up, introductory credits are running out - we need to start charging!

Vickie has been busy implementing Stripe so we can take card payments, and we (I) need to stop giving away free credits to anyone I meet! The challenge we have is that something like Brisk is new and still forming. Yes, there’s a market price for ‘Company Checks’, but we are also providing a Cyber check and the ability for Brokers and Financial Advisers to create a link with their clients so they are always informed and able to watch their clients’ backs. No one I know is doing that through an ‘app’ so how do you price it? We started at £25 / month because that is the price point our research told us during ‘discovery’ in 2018. I remember business owners saying, “I don’t trust ‘free’ (you’re making money out of me some other way) but I don’t yet know what you can save me!” So, I guess the definition of ‘price’ is the amount someone is willing to pay for a good or service. In the case of Brisk, that is sure to evolve and we will continue to reflect the value we bring to our members.

However, in recognition of our brave early adopters, we are soon to close our introductory £25 / month subscription for insurance brokers and financial advisers. If you are one of these or know one, please let them know. With unlimited company checks and unlimited users per company, it’s great value for money. Contact us at