“I still make the decisions around here!"

I’ve been let loose on our website to move it to a new provider.  With my new-found skills as a 'website builder’ I’ve gone to town creating some new pages.  There’s lots of talk about A.I. and how data is used by those that share it, so we’ve published this page.  We often get asked what ‘AI’ is and how it works in Brisk.  Of course it’s early days for us, but my recent experience with a new car is a good parallel.  

Many cars now have driver assistance aids (emergency braking, lane assist etc).  My new Volvo isn’t fully autonomous, but I’ve found it does a fair job at following the lane on a motorway on its own (much to the delight of my two boys but not my wife!).  The experience reminded me that as technology advances, we humans will have to work out where we delegate and where we need to take control.  Talking to Brisk’s clients I’m reassured that they accept the help Brisk provides, but they are in no doubt that they are still in control and the decision makers.  The machine+human relationship is going to be a fascinating evolution and one we are looking forward to help shape.

JamesJames Russell