Lesson No. 1 when building apps for SMEs

I had the good fortune to speak to some founders and CEOs of business who have built, or are building technology apps for SMEs.  I can’t tell you how alluring it is to believe so strongly in what you are building that you convince yourself that “of course a busy business owner is going to make time for my must-have app that is so cool!”  The reality is, (and it is well documented) that getting a share of their time to use your new bit of tech is VERY hard.  As one experienced founder told me yesterday, “The average micro-small business owner will make enough time to log in to their banking app and their accounting package app.  That’s about it”.  Another told me today that there is no point creating beautiful reports about Cyber security improvements - most won’t read them.  Lucky for us, Brisk is first and foremost an alerts based tool.  If users don’t want to log in, they don’t have to.  If something needs doing, Brisk will tell them in the medium of their choosing (as long as it’s electronic!). 

Oh, and lesson number 2 is to be mobile first.  After some great work by Vickie, Greg and Cassie this week, our next release will see Brisk look awesome on mobile :0)

JamesJames Russell