Picking the right path

I was listening to the latest podcasts from Insurtech Insider at the weekend and was struck by an observation made by Shaun Meadows:  Startups can often hatch a cool new idea, but to be a viable business, there needs to be a product that matches a market need.

We are working with startup accelerator Founders Factory, and had a ‘product strategy’ session with them on Monday.  Our vision for Brisk is bold and transformational for small-medium sized businesses.  But we know that to be successful, we need to start with the kernel of a product that early adopters will value and use - and grow from there.  I’m heeding advice to stay focussed and avoid trying to do too much too early.  But it’s hard to contain yourself when you know where you want to go and there are so many pieces of the jigsaw you want to put into place. 

James Russell