Revolutionising the way small and medium sized businesses are protected

Smart technology that works with brokers and advisers to protect their clients 24/7. Save time, improve accuracy and access a range of relevant insurance and financial products, all in one place.

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Insight you need to make better decisions

Using the power of data and ‘AI’, Brisk saves time by monitoring risks and opportunities, anticipating needs and providing seamless access to products and services at the point of need.



Vital information such as company checker, financial history and risk data on any of your clients, all up to date and accurate.

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Automated alerts to help you keep up to date with any changes to your clients' businesses that would require you to offer or update a policy or product.



Seamless access to insurance, loans and other hand selected financial products and services that are relevant to a business at the point of need.

Save time. Get peace of mind.

Valued by our members


"We are in the Information Age and the ability and insight provided by the company checking feature in Brisk gives us a distinct advantage in the current market place.”


"It’s important we do checks on new business clients and suppliers. Brisk gives us more than just a one off credit report."


"Getting key financial information on suppliers and customers is vital for all businesses.  Brisk gives us the information we need in an easy, cost effective way. Another great feature."


Mark Bennett

CEO - Bennett Christmas Insurance Group Ltd

Richard Thomas

Managing Director - Cap Trac Ltd

Chris Marsh

Director - Venture Risks Insurance Ltd

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